Louis Lacoste is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer based in Paris who discovered his passion for music at a young age. His teenage years will be separated between music school and business school, and he will start his young career in Paris as a session drummer for several artists as well as performing with different bands all over the capital. His path will then lead him to London where he will proceed to work as a project manager for a luxury French brand while his musical quest makes wear three hats as a musician, composer and producer for the British band the Savage Nomads. This adventure will open the doors of the BBC radio, see him perform at the biggest English festivals (Glastonbury, Isle of Wight...etc) and give him the opportunity to work with big names such as Tony Visconti & Mick Jones.

Following his return to Paris in 2017, Louis decides to start working as a full time freelance composer. As comfortable with the music side of things as he is with the project management’s one, his abilities and attention to details will quickly generate praise from clients such as Harrods, Iceberg, the FIAWEC as well as young directors like Antonin Amy-Menichetti. Whatever the brief is; the identity, the message and the emotions the client is aiming to magnify is the core of Louis Lacoste’s work. Given that the main concern is always relevance and taste, the goal will always be to give any given project the musical dimension it deserves.

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"I wanted to use a ready made song and put it straight onto my footage. Louis made me a way more relevant proposal by composing a tailor made score that fit the narrative perfectly while adding depth and emotion to the scene. It became my favorite part of the movie."

Antonin Amy-Menichetti